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Monday, December 24, 2012

Episode 41: First Annual Badland Girls Secular Christmas!

This week, Rhea and Destiny get real jolly with talk of their favorite holiday movies, songs, and television specials! We also discuss dark and weird computer games, the new Superman movie trailer, and some Hobbit feelings. We treat you to a couple of songs from the Skull Sketches musical Rhea co-wrote, and Destiny reveals her love of Christmas Carol adaptations. Also: A Christmas Story vs. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following: Christmas episodes of Hey Arnold, All in the Family, and Cloverfield.

Corrections:The Cicely Tyson film adaptation of A Christmas Carol was called Ms. Scrooge.

Relevant Links:
Rhea on Pool Party Radio talking Saved By the Bell with those darlings Parker and Jason
Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews, "Baby It's Cold Outside"
The Casket Girls, "Sleepwalking"
Celluloid Bloodbath trailer
The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping"  
The Story of Film: An Odyssey
Klaus Nomi, "Silent Night"
The Old Tree
Cart Life
Ebbie (the entire movie)
A Diva's Christmas Carol trailer
Christmas Story 2 trailer
Taylor Swift, "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Yasujiro Ozu: The More You Know
Jay is Games
Blacula trailer
Pacific Rim trailer

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episode 40: He's My Daemon Familiar

There's no theme this week, as Rhea is hard at work co-writing and starring in a Christmas musical! She and Destiny spend some time chatting about the junk they've been absorbing lately, such as Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell, heavy metal sexism, and the cinematic "genius" of Neil Breen. There's also audio viewer mail and teen movie talk! Look out for the cold hand of Kurt Cobain's ghost in this one, kids!

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following: As far as we remember, nothing was spoiled to ruin this week! Is that a first?

Corrections: The name of the Neil Breen film that was probably screened at the Butt-Numb-a-Thon was Fateful Findings (see video above). Cilla Black did sing a cover of "Love of the Loved." The song they danced to in She's All That was called "Rockafeller Skank." John Woo's first American film was Hard Target. Proof we've never seen Mondo Cane: We can't pronounce it.

Relevant Links:
A Skull Sketch Carol
Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell trailer
Youtube Playlist featuring a majority of the trailers from Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell
Moon Duo, "Sleepwalker"
Cilla Black, "Anyone Who Had a Heart"
I Am Here Now trailer
Dance sequence from She's All That (USHER, Y'ALL)
Young Adult trailer
Suburbia (1983) trailer
The End
Papa's Hot Doggeria
Ozzy Osbourne scene from The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years
Ozzy Osbourne, "Miracle Man"
Lita Ford, "Kiss Me Deadly"
Broken Arrow
Mondo Cane
Super Solider #1 cover:

Fucking Books
Destroy All Movies by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly
Shock Value by Jason Zinoman(FYI, Rhea hates this book and Destiny's never read it.)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Episode 39: Science In Your Zombies

This week, the Badland ladies freak out over the new Star Trek teaser trailer, and talk ZOMBIES! Learn why science and zombies don't mix, why vampires ain't all that, and balk at their ambivalence over the upcoming Hobbit film! They also read a nice fan email and deal with the sound issues involved with recording an episode in an Asian fusion restaurant on a Friday night.

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Spoilers for the following:
Downton Abbey Season 2
28 Days Later

Corrections: The name of the composer for a good chunk of Godzilla films was Akira Ifukube. Here is the track they use in Tokyo! (It's from a Godzilla v Mothra fight). In Freaks and Geeks, "Jesus is Just Alright with Me" is an old gospel song, but the version that show was referencing was by The Doobie Brothers, not Foghat. Dan O'Bannon only wrote Dead and Buried.

Relevant Links:
Azure Ray: As Above So Below
Millie and Nick sing "Jesus Is Just Alright with Me" from Freaks and Geeks
Tokyo! trailer
Anna Karenina
Sherlock Jr. (the whole film!)
"Rabbit In Your Headlights", DJ Shadow & James Lavelle (UNKLE) Feat. Thom Yorke
"Living My Life", Grace Jones
"Gonna Raise Hell", Cheap Trick
Improv in Omaha
Star Trek Into Darkness Japanese trailer
My Southern Manners: A Fanmix for Joanna McCoy
CDC's Zombie Preparedness
That horrible eye gouging scene from Zombi
Simon Pegg's article on why zombies shouldn't run
7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)
The Evil Dead remake trailer

Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 38: Cry More Paul

After such a long hiatus, the internet herself begs the Badland Ladies to come back! They discuss all the movies watched while away, including Skyfall, Harold and Maude, and Lincoln. Rhea and Destiny also come to blows (almost) over Beyond the Black Rainbow and Black Sabbath (the Mario Bava movie, not the band!) After catching up,it's time to go through every single movie directed by JOHN CARPENTER and give an opinion or two. Tell us how much you missed us: badlandgirls at gmail dot com!

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Spoiler alerts for the following:
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Harold and Maude
Cloud Atlas
Dark Star
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Black Sabbath (1963)
All the Daniel Craig Bond movies
Every movie directed by John Carpenter, especially Dark Star

Corrections: Britt Ekland was the Bond girl in Man with the Golden Gun. She is not a ye-ye girl but Rhea swears she did some French pop song (she is probably wrong). The awesome song on Let It Be Naked was called "Don't Let Me Down". When talking about bug sex and Green Porno, Destiny said the title of the movie Microcosmos wrong. Also, Debra Hill and John Carpenter may not have been married. The internet is back and forth of this, but we at least know they dated in the '70s. Night of the Demons came out in 1988.

Relevant Links:
Friend Rhea on Pottermore: WitchNettle20489
Iggy Azalea, "My World"
Suburban Lawns, "Janitor"
Holy Motors trailer
Night of the Demons
Prince of Darkness dream transmission
Hollywood Nailz
Mean Jeans, "Life On Mars"
Key and Peele's inner city wizard school sketch
Green Porno with Isabella Rossellini
Black Sabbath trailer
The Avengers in Hogwarts (And another Tony and Steve focused one

A Fucking Book:
Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs

Thursday, November 22, 2012

You'll come home for the holidays in a body bag.

It's Thanksgiving, and it's our yearly tradition: watch this trailer.

Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day from the Badland Girls!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello dedicated listeners. Now, I bet you've been wondering where the hell we've been, especially since Destiny said we would make our grand return on lucky ol' 11/11.

Sadly, Rhea (me) had to get surgery two days prior to 11/11, and so she is still recovering from not having an organ (albeit a crappy one) inside her anymore. That coupled with that fact that people keep giving Destiny the runaround for a research project she's working on means that Badland Girls will be on hiatus for the rest of the month. We shall return to your ears on December 2nd.

To help tide you over, Destiny and I decided to share with you some of our current interests and Things of Note, via blog form instead of podcat form.


I've actually been watching a LOT of old WWF videos on youtube, specifically, Piper's Pit. I don't know much about the classic wrestlers of the 80s, so I'm using Rowdy Roddy Piper as my gateway since he's been in movies I like (They Live, Hell Comes To Frogtown). I'm gonna be totally honest: I thought I was WAY too girly to ever enjoy WWF. The last WWF thing I watched (before these videos) was a documentary in a Women's Studies class about how sexist the WWF was (they were referring in the modern incarnation of it that we see today, so, basically, the WWE). I WAS SO WRONG. I have been endlessly entertained by Piper's Pit.

(Not my favorite by far, but THE MAN took down all the Piper's Pits I liked on youtube. Sad day.)

Moving on to my Thing of Note:

This excellent mixtape of some of John Carpenter's soundtrack work brought to you by the podcast Special Features.


Hi, everyone! Here are trailers for the last two movies I watched:

Circumstance: I didn't like this movie because it felt like an after school special, but the acting was great, and I loved seeing a side of Tehran that you don't often see portrayed via Western avenues.

Chungking Express: This movie was a cute pair of romantic stories. I think every nation should give Faye Wong a holiday or put her on a stamp or something.

I've also been enjoying the shit out of the Yo, Is This Racist podcast, on Earwolf, starring Andrew Ti. It's based on his wonderful blog. Funny and insightful!

Other than watching an ungodly amount of movies and listening to podcasts, I've been doing school and the occasional stand-up show. In fact, I have one this Saturday with those darling men of OK Party Comedy on the 24th of November. It's at Studio Gallery!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey You Guys

Destiny here! Due to factors beyond our control, Rhea and I are going to put the podcast on hiatus until November 11th. Until we return, we ask that you support your local comedy scene, watch as many scary movies as you can, and make sure you're drinking enough water. Here's a gif of Chris Evans doing a thing. Because why not?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Appy Polly Loggies!

The Badland Girls, being ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALS, regret to inform you that there is no new episode this week. We have a live performance at the PS Collective tonight, so if you have a problem with this, you know where to find us. We'll return next week with a JOHN CARPENTER-themed episode and other wonderful things!

In the meantime, enjoy these words of wisdom from The Fabulous Stains:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Episode 37: Eternal Craving for Smooth Peanut Butter

This week, the ladies keep up the spooky goodness and chat about Stephen King! Rhea and Destiny also discuss the steamier side of caramel apples, the steamier side of dinosaurs, and the not-so-steamy appeal of Jean Rollin movies. Rhea finally wrote a theme for Comic Book Corner! Destiny can't pronounce "vampirology"! RED RUM IN THE MIDWEST, YOU GUYS!

Direct Download

Spoiler Alert for the following: 
We talk about a ton of Stephen King works, but the main work that gets spoiled is The Shining.

Corrections: Everett McGill played Big Ed on Twin Peaks. Trick 'r Treat was made in '07 and released in '09.

Relevant Links:
Giant Eyeball story
Peanut butter caramel apples
Dwight Allen has a Stephen King Problem
Erik Nelson is cool with King, though
A Tale of Two Sisters trailer
Countess Dracula (full movie)
Return of the Living Dead theme
Rhea's This Is My Jam page
Destiny's This Is My Jam page
Wild Nothing, "Rheya"
The Film League
The Film League's podcast intro
 Phantasm III trailer
Alloy Orchestra
Harold Bloom
the totally misleading Seven Psychopaths trailer
The Iron Rose trailer
Phantom of the Opera (1925, full movie)
Fascination trailer
Requiem for a Vampire trailer
Living Dead Girl trailer
Night of the Hunted trailer
Creepshow trailer
Silver Bullet trailer
Firestarter trailer
Sometimes They Come Back trailer
Misery trailer
V/H/S/ trailer
Trick 'r Treat trailer

Fucking Books: 
Hammer Glamour by Marcus Hearn
Bible Camp Bloodbath by Joey Comeau
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Hours by Michael Cunningham
Instead of linking you to every single King work, here's his Amazon author page

Rhea's Comic Book Corner Picks: 
Iron Man Extremis by Warren Ellis
Lock and Key by Joe Hill (series)
Dr. Strange Season 1 by Greg Pak

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Episode 36: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Break

This week, we're getting real spooky as we kick off horror month! Rhea talks robot bees, takes back last week's Terminator feelings, and discusses the fine manga of CLAMP. Destiny watches a horror film every day, questions the death of cinema, and is attacked by animals in her sleep. We also discuss pop culture-related fears from childhood, including mirrors, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and a particular spooky vhs tape.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alert for the Following:
Terminator 2
Evil Dead 2
The Innkeepers

Corrections: The Hills Have Eyes (1977) was not the follow-up to Last House on the Left. The Nolan Strong tribute album is called Daddy Rockin' Strong. Robert Shaw played Quint in Jaws. The Masters of Horror episode featuring sound is called "Sounds Like" and was directed by Brad Anderson.

Relevant Links:
Cylon bees, y'all
Robot & Frank trailer
Alternate ending to Terminator 2
The Hills Have Eyes (full movie)
Acid Pop Cult episode 32
Horror a Day tips
Blog that inspired the daily horror project
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats clip
Patton Oswalt bit on Death Bed from Werewolves and Lollipops
Tumblr post where Destiny talks about week 1 of her movie watching project
Phantasm trailer
Phantasm 2 trailer
The Guild 
Mark Sultan, "The Wind" 
Nolan Strong and the Diablos, "The Wind"
"Dream Window" from Fright Night
Silver Shamrock commercial from Halloween 3
Andrew O'Hehir, "Is Movie Culture Dead?"
Devin Faraci, "Is Film Culture Really Dead?"
Oliver Lyttelton, "A Brief History of the Death Knell of Cinema"
"Pleased as punch they didn't get murdered..."
Sailor Iron Man
The Avengers "Bad Romance" 
More information on the ladies of Clamp 
Jaws trailer
Deep Blue Sea trailer
Paranormal Activity 2 trailer
Eraserhead trailer
Lady in the Radiator Song
Evil Dead 2 trailer
Masters of Horror, "Sounds Like" (Hulu)
The first 2 seasons of Masters of Horror (Youtube)
Takashi Miike's Imprint
Candyman trailer
Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes
 Child's Play trailer
Innkeepers trailer
The House of the Devil trailer
Sinister trailer
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland manga (no subtitles, and probably NSFW)

Fucking Books:
Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film by Carol J. Clover

Rhea's Comic Book Corner:
Gate 7 Vol. 1
Gate 7 Vol. 2

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Episode 35: Fighting Dance Moves

Intimate Nickel Portrait

This week, Rhea and Destiny welcome Becky from All Young Girls Are Machine Guns! Becky plays songs from the new album, Here's Hoping Tomorrow Never Comes, and talks to us about the things near and dear to her heart, including old Adult Swim shows, comics, and Otis Redding. Before that, we keep bringing up time travel and the fiction it inspires, including the new Rian Johnson film, Looper. Rhea gives us her final feelings on that dino-erotica novel, Destiny rambles about Fire Walk with Me, and we list the sweetest boys in the Badlands. We recorded the first part of the episode outdoors, so there are many Comedy Bang Bang-influenced "car breaks."

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Twin Peaks
Terminator 2

Corrections: Lily Tomlin's character in The West Wing was named Deborah Fiderer. Capt. Murphy was the Sealab 2021 character who was trapped under the Jazz Cola machine. The MST3k episode Rhea discusses is called The Deadly Mantis. Allen Heinberg wrote Young Avengers. The Breeder's song Destiny was talking about is called "Shaker in Gloomtown" (see video below).

Relevant Links:  
Becky on Twitter
All Young Girls Are Machine Guns Tumblr
All Young Girls Are Machine Guns (CD Baby)
Looper trailer
The Time Machine trailer (1960s)
Why Time Travel Stories Should Be Messy
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Deadly Mantis
Comedy Bang Bang: Takin' a plane break 
A Sound of Thunder trailer
Primer trailer
Field Club
The Mynabirds
Emmy the Great, "Dinosaur Sex"
Sneaky Sound System, "UFO"
The Breeders, "Invisble Man" 
The Breeders, "Shocker in Gloomtown"
The Straight Story (full movie)
Anatomy of a Fascinating Disaster: Fire Walk With Me
Prime Cut trailer
Ally Rhodes, "River Song"
1980star (youtube)

Fucking Books:
 After Sunset by Stephen King (featuring "N")
A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury (entire story)
Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs

Rhea's Comic Book Corner:
Fatale by Ed Brubaker
Avengers Prime by Brian Michael Bendis
Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Episode 33: Your Friendly Neighborhood Internet

This week, we conclude the Ultimate Parker Project with Crank 2! Rhea talks comics, Destiny responds to an old AV Club article, and we have a lot of feelings about that Scarlett Johansson album full of Tom Waits covers. We also discuss the weird world of ASMR, goosebump music, and shitty media from our childhood.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the Following: 
Crank 2

Corrections: Guided by Voices has released 18 albums. Destiny said Midnight Train to Terror when she meant Night Train to Terror. The Ride song in Doom Generation is called "Leave Them All Behind." Destiny got the name of the ASMR youtuber wrong, it's not Soundscapes; it's Sound Sculptures. The Boxcar Children were originally published in 1924, reissued in the '40s, and the first 19 were written by Gertrude Chandler Warner. We Googled around and found at least 1 ASMR-related podcast: ASMR Radio. The Baby's Day Out sequel never happened.

Relevant Links:
Crank 2 trailer
Citizen Radio
Vertigo trailer
Pool Party Radio episode 75 featuring confessions!
Betty Davis, "They Say I'm Different" 
One Direction, "Tell Me a Lie"
"Summer Snow" from Silent Hill
Radiohead, "The Tourist" 
Guided by Voices, "Pretty Bombs"
Ani DiFranco, "Self Evident"
The AV Club: Terrible Childhood Favorites 
The AV Club: Gateways to Geekery on Shoegaze
Grantland piece on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless
Cocteau Twins, "Cherry-Coloured Funk"
Sock Bun tutorial
SoundSculptures Youtube Channel
A Stray in the Woods by Alison Wilgus (Tumblr)
Baby's Day Out trailer
ASMR thread on Reddit
 More ASMR videos, featuring Bob Ross, the IKEA fire guy, and the tea-making lady
How Was Your Week podcast hosted by Julie Klausner episode 78
Scarlett Johansson, "Summertime"
The Station Agent trailer
Cosmopolis trailer
Sleepwalk With Me trailer
Blood Simple trailer
Patricia Clarkson on Seven Minutes in Heaven w/ Mike O'Brien
Jane Fonda on Stephen Colbert
Crying Dawson

Fucking Books:
The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Goosebumps by RL Stine
Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Episode 32: Silent H Cult

Rhea and Destiny continue the Ultimate Parker Project with the Jason Statham adrenaline-fest, Crank! Find out if Statham wins them over! There's also talk about tabletop gaming, a revisiting of some things about Invasion USA, and discuss minorities in action movies.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
El Topo
The 300

Corrections:The correct title is Celeste & Jesse Forever, not the other way around. The actress we were referring to when talking about Total Recall was Rachel Ticotin.

Relevant Links:
Crank trailer
Scene from The Neverending Story featuring "Bastian's Happy Flight" theme
Celeste & Jesse Forever trailer
"Big Spender" scene from Sweet Charity movie
"Fantasia/Atreyu's Quest"
1989 performance of Lea Solonga and Simon Bowman singing "Sun and Moon" from Miss Saigon
Tabletop (Geek and Sundry)
Elder Sign info (Board Game Geek)
Achievement Unlocked!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Episode 31: Bruce Jenner Realness

This week, Rhea and Destiny kick off the Ultimate Parker Project (see episode 28) and watch the 1985 Chuck Norris explosion-fest, Invasion USA! The film tells the story of Matt Hunter, a one-man army who takes on a motley crew of Communists led by the evil Rostov after they invade our beloved Florida. The Badland ladies also read a fan email, talk about LGBTQ romance in films, plea for the retirement of a certain joke, and feel incredulous.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alert for the following:
Invasion USA

Corrections: Talk Talk never had an album titled Talk Talk. Jason Statham has done a couple of Guy Ritchie films.

Relevant Links:
Invasion USA (the whole movie!)
Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Crackle link)
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry trailer
NPR First Listen: Cat Power's Sun
Review of Dan Deacon's America album (Pitchfork)
Geek and Sundry
Fallen London

Fucking Books:
Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michael Azerrad
Avengers Vol. 2 by Brian Michael Bendis
Codename: Sailor V by Naoko Takeuchi (vol. 1)
Vol. 2 (same author)

Fan email from past guest, Matt Marko:

Hey Badland Girls,

I'm sending you this email because while I often listen, normally I just complain to you both on twitter about your shows and this time my problem is a little more complicated and formal. Also, a certain someone suggested that I write in about it instead of just talking her ear off, because it'd give you all something to cover. So here I am, and here's my disclaimer: this isn't meant to be critical or accusatory, since it was just stuff I was thinking about while I was listening to the episode from Aug 26. 

In that episode, Rhea was talking about "The Little Mermaid" and about how it was originally about HCA's would-be gay lover and Rhea said "I wish it had been about that, because that'd be much more interesting" or words to that effect. And this after the question was asked about a gay couple in Teen Wolf just minutes before. It got me wondering: at what point does the inclusion of gay characters automatically make something a curiosity, and is that a good thing? 

I think it's great to have LGBTQ people and relationships represented in the media, don't get me wrong. It's not done enough, and it's often done so poorly, that when it is done well it deserves mention and championing. But I also see a lot of fandom feelings and general opinion among my peer group that turns the mere fact of homosexuality into a sort of interest point, the reason to visit something all on its own. It's rare, yes, but that behavior turns it into something exotic, a thing to stand around and rubberneck about because of its scarcity in a heteronormative entertainment culture. And while that's very human, I feel like that rush creates a sort of fascination, sometimes bordering on fetishization, that's very othering to these LGBTQ relationships. I don't see how two people of the same gender being in a relationship is inherently more interesting than people of different genders, outside of the fact that culturally we see them less often. While that's a problem, I feel like assigning an interest imperative beyond that helps contribute to this sense of distance that perpetuates the cycle that banishes those relationships to 'special interest'. People being human and having human emotions should never be a special interest.

I'm not alone in this. British director Andrew Haigh, whose 2011 gay romance Weekend was one of the better movies about relationships to come out in recent memory, has been outspoken about these things. He likens gay cinema, and gay media, to a sort of perpetuating creative dead end, where people make entertainment on the cheap and often poorly to make a buck off of audiences starved to see themselves on screen. It perpetuates this idea that LGBTQ stories aren't for 'normal' people, because they're not given the same sort of consideration and budget as straight movies, or they're treated with this fascination by people who are into them that puts people who might be looking in from the outside off about their seeming exclusionary exotic-ness, dimly understood by people who aren't confronted with it regularly. He implied, though perhaps didn't explicitly state, that he wanted to make a movie that would be about people first and about gayness second, that it should be interesting divested of the gender identities involved, and that the gay 'issue' was just a part of the background. Not the fulcrum, not a point of fascination to stand around and revel in, but just a fact of normal life. I can link a critique that covers these ideas here, written far better than I could: http://www.criterion.com/current/posts/2426-weekend-the-space-between-two-people

Anyway, that's about all I have to say. It's lengthy and less an opinion as it is something I was thinking about, but I figure that maybe you both have thoughts, and it'd be worth talking about as part of your 'here's some internet/culture things worth considering' piece. Keep kicking ass. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Episode 30: Sexy Sexy Instagram

Direct Download

This week, we Skype-it-up all the way to Georgia to speak to teacher, writer, PhD student, and transmedia editor Alexandra Kingsley! We get cerebral about fandom/fandom platforms, boy band aesthetics, and the easily-forgotten history of internet fan culture. We also break down what's wrong with dissecting One Direction fan behavior on Tumblr, freak out about mens touching one another, and convince you to play the very dangerous Badland Girls drinking game.  

Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Iron Man (both movies)
MTV's Teen Wolf    

Corrections: The Gael Garcia Bernal/Diego Luna soccer movie where they're brothers is called Rudo y Cursi. What was tumblr for? The correct title of the Jon Stewart book of humorous essays was called Naked Pictures of Famous People.    

Relevant Links: Alex's website
Alex's Tumblr
Alex on Twitter
Alex's Youtube channel  
Organization for Transformative Works
Lizzie Bennet Diaries Youtube Channel
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present  
Casa de mi Padre Holograms band DMT: The Spirit Molecule (full movie)
More information on DMT (drugs are bad, mmmkay?)
Telegram zine Ed Sheeran, "Pony" cover
One Direction, "One Thing"
Safety Objects as Secrets to Survival (Daisies and Bruises)
Maranda Elizabeth on tattoos as safety objects  
Story and fan art about The Little Mermaid/Hans Christian Anderson
Cloud Atlas trailer
Ben Whishaw is cuuuuuute
Deconstructing Storyboard’s 1D fandom coverage (part 1 from Alex's Tumblr)
Deconstructing Storyboard's 1D fandom coverage (part 2)
Description of the Iron Man 3 trailer (unconfirmed)    

Fucking Books: Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Naked Pictures of Famous People by Jon Stewart

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Episode 29: Just Going for the Whales

This week, Rhea and Destiny speak to Lisa Fary of Pink Raygun! Wetalk about the start of Pink Raygun, make some Superman apologies (sort of), and nerd out over Bobak Ferdowsi. We also talk about Lisa's personal history with watching all things Star Trek, our childhood nerd trajectories, and we read some superhero-tastic fan mail.

Direct Download

Spoiler alerts for the following:
True Blood (current season)
Battlestar Galactica(reimagined series)

Corrections:It wasn't the 37th Heaven on Adventure Time, it was called the 37th Dead World. The unmade Superman movie starring Nic Cage was to be made circa '96-98. It cuts out a little when we're talking about what a dreamboat Peter Dinklage is. I want you all to know that we all were "mmm-hmming" in approval.

Relevant Links:
Pink Raygun
Lisa on Twitter
Apocalypse Couture
Fuck Yeah Bobak Ferdowski
Mitsuko Nagone photography
Joan Jett, "Bad Reputation"
Casa de Mi Padre trailer
Dum Dum Girls, "Lord Knows"
Wild Beasts, "The Fun Powder Plot"
NYTimes: What's So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?
Information on the Nic Cage/Tim Burton Superman Film that never was
Alfred Hitchcock was a total asshole; no one is surprised
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai trailer
Philly Zombie Prom info
Zombie Walk Omaha
Man of Steel trailer
Intergalactic Law (Lisa & John's old webcomic)
Age of Bronze by Eric Shanower
Get the Age of Bronze app!

And here's the complete email we received from Mel. Thanks for writing in!

Hi there Badland Girls,

I'm sorry that I can't recall which episode you mentioned this in (I'm leaning towards 20 or 21), but you spoke of the upcoming Superman movie and the darker tone that it will be taking, and the phrase 'Superman is not meant to be dark' may have been dropped. A comparison to Batman surely happened, and the two were treated as opposites - Batman is dark and gritty and angsty, and Superman is... not that. Whenever I see and hear comments like this, I have to wonder about the last Superman trade the person read. Because Superman has not been happiness and light for a long, long time.

This actually legitimately upsets me - I got into comics in a big way around the mid-two-thousands, and I gorged myself on runs from the nineties (ESPECIALLY those involving sidekicks - if you know who Impulse is, let's be friends?). However, just as I got ready to spend my money on current comics, DC felt the need to have another reboot, and basically spent the next six months making me cry. I don't know why, but DC decided to make everything gritty. Even Superman. (Especially Wonder Woman. They even decided to get grit all over the Justice League International. I don't know if you know your Justice Leagues, but COME ON. JLA can be as gritty as you want, but JLI is where they stuck the screwballs and the smart-mouths. Or it was, before the darkness came. Don't even get me started on Justice League Antarctica getting retconned out of existence.) Wow, that was a tangent.

But even before the latest crisis, Superman was not a squeaky clean character. I think the Lex Luthor: Man of Steel run was the turning point for me. If you haven't read it, you should. You only need to know the basics of who Superman is, and that there's this guy called Lex who doesn't like him. The art is stunning, and the conviction laid out on the page does a great job of casting what we know and love about Superman in a new light. Superman for Tomorrow actually focuses on the Superman's POV, and still manages to make him morally questionable and a little unhinged. Somewhere along the way, Superman has stopped being the nice guy who rescues kittens from trees and has revealed himself to be an essentially indestructible alien who plays by humanity's rules only as long as they suit him. Which, let's be honest, is a great element of his character to be explored! But it sure does get gritty in there. The dominant discourse of a character in the comics changes (whether I want it to or not), and I guess I find it frustrating that people seem unwilling to see similar ideas in their movies. Would you really go and see essentially the exact same superhero movie released in the cinema every six years? Wouldn't you want to see something a little more?

Sorry, Bandland Girls. I've had a feelings explosion all over this e-mail.

I guess the core argument of 'movies are a reflection of the comics' can be applied to your critique of the Toby Maguire Spiderman movies - the claim was made that Spiderman is a young character, and that aging him up so fast was a mistake. While I love my teenaged superheroes, the first Spiderman comic I ever read had Peter Parker in his twenties, fighting vampires with Blade while Mary Jane was a successful model who had taken up smoking again and was questioning her engagement to Peter because he was too busy fighting vampires to go on vacation with her. Which certainly sounds a little soap opera, but Peter Parker has a long run in the comic books of being post-pubescent. With all of the tv shows and comics and alternate universe comics and Marvel teen comics and that whole first movie in which Peter was a teen, I'm was actually glad to see Peter as an adult on screen. Peter had some really interesting story arcs as an adult before he sold his soul or got reborn or whatever exactly happened there. I think someone died. Anyway. The trilogy is not a set of perfect films by any means, but the specific criticism about seeing Peter graduate high school just gets my nerd rage hackles up. Critique the movies for doing really boring and stupid things with Peter for an adult, but critiquing the raw adulthood itself seems kind of redundant to me.

Is that a big enough nerdfight for you? Because I also have a lot of opinions about Robins...

Your fan, even in nerdfights,


Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 28: And Huell Howser as Principal Howser

This week on the "broad-cat," the Badland Girls talk to Ultimate Parker Bowman and Jason Frisbabe Frisbie from Pool Party Radio! We have a darn skippy fun time talking about action movies, their tropes, and movies that bend the genre. There's actually a lot of confusion as to what actually constitutes an action movie, so we talk about that, too. We also read another amazing fan letter and dream up a high school TV show about the 4 of us. It's real California Gold, you guys, except only one of us is actually in California. Note: this is our first Skype interview, so beware yon glitchy Skype noise!

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Cabin in the Woods
Total Recall (both movie versions)
Captain America
The Avengers

Corrections: Total Recall is based on We Can Remember it For You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick. Here, you can read it in PDF form!

Relevant Links:
Pool Party Radio
Jason Frisbabe on Twitter
Ultimate Parker Bowman on Twitter
Junk Food Dinner
Invasion USA (the whole movie!)
Wavves, "Hippies is Punks"
Cat Power, "Ruin"
John Brown, "Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)"
Free Pussy Riot
Downtown Dayton 1970 short film
Taken 2 trailer
Joss Whedon is going to do all the things
OSS 117: Lost in Rio trailer
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies trailer
Improper Conduct (the whole movie!)
Comic Book Confidential trailer
American Scary trailer
Rick Ross, "Big Meech"
Marvel Item 47 clip
REO Speedwagon, "Roll With the Changes"
Hunter Prey trailer
Sparks, "Mustache"
Sparks, "Mickey Mouse"
Sparks and Rita Mitsouko, "Singing in the Shower"
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out music
Lookout Records (RIP)
Toynbee Tiles

Fucking Comic Books:
Irredeemable by Mark Waid
The Defenders
Winter Solider

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode 27: Tech Famous

This week, Rhea and Destiny meet up at Blue Line Coffee to talk to Des Moines comic Dan Umthun (and silent "corporate sponsor" Martin) about cool things going on in the Iowa comedy scene and comic books! We recorded the first part of the episode in a parking lot downtown, where we battle the vicious streets to ramble about Arrested Development's influence on current sitcoms, the beauty of breaking the fourth wall, and get a bit real.

Direct Download

*We apologize for the smooth jazz, squeaky chairs, and overlapping conversations during our interview.

Spoiler Alerts for the following:
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Earth 2 Green Lantern

Corrections: Lecy Goranson left Roseanne at the start of season 5. We cannot remember the name of the rad queer lady rappers we blanked out over early in the episode. For some reason Destiny keeps saying "yellow ribbons" when she means pink. The man who wrote The Celluloid Closet was named Vito Russo. Ian's response to the Sexy Pizza tweet was: "Nope, just bomb ass 'za."

Relevant Links:
Dan's Twitter
Des Moines Underground site
Shop Assistants, "All Day Long" and "I Don't Wanna Be Friends with You"(both live)
My Little Underground 80's UK indie mix (via Suicidewatch on Tumblr)
Iggy Azealea, "Pu$$y"
Comic Book Crossfire letter on breaking Up With Comics
Identical Beckys gag from Roseanne
Greg Rucka
Kreayshawn: Another Case of Appropriating Black Culture (via Clutch)
Review of Tig Notaro's Largo show from earlier this week (via flamelikeme on Tumblr)
Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer
Tolstoi Made Shoes podcast
Stand Up Des Moines
Iowa Comedy Festival
The Celluloid Closet trailer
Sharon Needles doing a scene from Silence of the Lambs (NSFW)
Olde Main Brewing Co. (We love you, Martin!)
Sexy Pizza of Denver
Laugh Track Comedy Fest (Congrats to Zach Peterson and Ian Douglas Terry)
How to Support Breast Cancer Research W/out Supporting Komen (Jezebel)

Fucking Comic Books:
Fear Agent
Black Heart Billy
Swamp Thing
Fantastic Four (Johnathan Hickman)
Nightly News
Pax Romana
Earth 2

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 26: Problematic Princess

This week, the Badland ladies recap Omaha Comedy Week, spoil the heck out of The Dark Knight Rises, and have a brief talk about women in hip-hop. We almost have a Kreayshawn fight, and discuss the importance of DIY comedy scenes, as well as the importance of a woman-driven superhero movie.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
The Dark Knight Rises

Corrections:Matthew Barney is Bjork's partner, and the artist behind Drawing Restraint 9 (2005). Dancer in the Dark came out in 2000. When Destiny is talking about Frank Miller, she said Dark Knight when she meant Dark Knight Returns. The Robin in those books was named Carrie Kelley and she didn't become Batgirl. Lady Sovereign came out as a lesbian in 2010.

Relevant Links:
The Badland Girls Present: Diversity Night
Omaha Comedy Week kick-off videos
1980 Star Youtube Channel
Comedy Week Video Contest Submissions
Omahype Comedy Week photos
Raiders of the Lost Ark looks great in black and white
Kreayshawn, "Go Hard"
David Bowie performs "Sorrow" in the '70s (This song sounds old because it's actually a cover from the '60s)
Purity Ring, "Fineshrine" remix
Autostraddle: Seven Female Rappers Who Aren't Nicki Minaj or Kreayshawn
Patton Oswalt's keynote address from this year's Just For Laughs Festival
Patton Oswalt's magical black man story
Who Charted? podcast
Catladysoul (Tumblr)
The Grawlix
Underground Comedy (Des Moines)
Beasts of the Southern Wild trailer
Sneak peek of Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk with Me
Photos of Christian Bale visiting Aurora, CO
Information and preview of Hans Zimmer's "Aurora"
"Not All Riot Grrrls are White"

The Badland Girls at The Waiting Room!

Hey kittens! Check out this video of our very first live show as part of Omaha Comedy Week!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode 25: Death, Fashion, and Steve Rogers

This week, on the eve of Omaha Comedy Week, the Badland ladies keep things brief, but go on at length about Dark Knight Rises, cool stuff on Tumblr, problematic movies from the 70's, and tell another nice Robert Downey Jr. story. Destiny gives her Sleepaway Camp feelings, Rhea doesn't want to live in the Big Bird Cage, and a Marvel VS DC fight is narrowly avoided.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts:
The Big Bird Cage
Sleepaway Camp
To Rome With Love

Corrections:The graphic novel Rhea was talking about is called Fatale, by Ed Brubaker. The lead actress in The Big Bird Cage is Anitra Ford. Liza Minnelli is not of of the competitive EGOT winners, because one of her awards was an honorary award. Barbra Streisand's honorary award was a Tony.

Relevant Links: Vote for Comedy Week videos here!
Horse Ebooks (Twitter)
Rhea's Pinterest
Destiny's Pinterest
Richard Reese (Keep an eye out for Smokes, Jokes, and Lasers)
Colin Moulton's Twitter
The Big Bird Cage trailer To Rome, With Love trailer
Com Truise, Open
Awesome People Hanging Out Together (Tumblr)
Paris is Burning/Fierce video (Azaelia Banks)
Randy Crawford, Street Life
Destiny's Tumblr
Rhea's Tumblr
Stuff about EGOTs!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Badland Bites: Episode 4: The Badland Girls Horror Show

Prepping for Omaha Comedy Week has taken over, so welcome to Badland Bites No. 4! This one is in honor of one of the greatest days in the world, Friday the 13th, as well as one of the greatest trailers in the world.

Direct Download

Special thanks to Rhea's dear ol' Dad for providing the music and the announcer voice!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 23: Power Outage Movies

This week, the Badland witches talk to Andrew McGreevy, artistic director of the PS Collective! Andrew gives us some bad movie recommendations, reveals the truth about Tommy Wiseau, and gives out some Tolkien reading tips. We also have a debate about Cabin in the Woods and talk Batman and Spider-Man movies again.

Direct Download

Spoiler Alerts for the following:
Rock of Ages
King Kong (1976 and 2005)
Fantastic Four
Let the Right One In (book/film)
Knight Fall (comic)
Brick: The Musical

Corrections: King Kong starring Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges came out in 1976. Jesse Eisenberg was on the show Get Real. The name of the sci-fi movie with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons was called Runaway.

Relevant Links:
Gene Simmons (3:10) in Never Too Young... to Die
Rock of Ages trailer
Ed Sheeran, "Lego House"
Wild Nothing, "Live In Dreams"
Chrissie Hynde "Nebraska"
Ani DiFranco, "Used Cars"
Omahype article about Andrew and the PS Collective&
Ben Folds Five, "Brick"
Blue Barn Theater
1980star (youtube channel)
Backline Improv
pH Balanced
Backline Show featuring pH Balanced, Three's Company and Eric Green's plug about the Badland Girls!
The Weisenheimers
Richard Reese
Parole Violators trailer
Ricky-Oh: The Legend of Ricky (the whole movie!)
Birdemic- the whole movie!
Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey
Les Miserables trailer
Brothers trailer

Fucking Books:
The Killing Joke by Alan Moore
Batman Year One by Frank Miller
Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking news: Badland Girls Twitter Account

Here it is, the official BG Twitter account: @badlandgirls
We'll post updates from this site, as well as other interesting stuff. Follow away, witches.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 22: Valerie Solanas Wish List

This week, the Badland Girls occupy the living room of their dear friend Andrea to talk vampires in pop culture, young adult lit, and Kathryn Bigelow. We also discuss rape culture in comedy, problems with The Hunger Games, and why The Vampire Diaries tv show is so damn good.

Direct Download

Spoiler alerts for the following:
The Future
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Innocent Blood
The Hunger Games book trilogy
Twilight (films and books)
Blood and Donuts
The Vampire Diaries
Strange Days
Thriller: A Cruel Picture

 Corrections: Feminist Frequency is run by Anita Sarkeesian. Forever Knight wasn't an '80s show, it was a 90's show. Andrea accidentally says Steven Cronenberg when she means David. Blood and Donuts was directed by Holly Gale and came out in 1995. The Golden Compass was directed by Chris Weitz, who also directed New Moon.  I tried to look up the movie Tarantino cited in the rape scene conversation, but the Google results were horrifying and offensive and I never found the movie he was referring to, anyway.

Relevant Links:
Andrea's Tumblr
Andrea's Twitter
Andrea's Blog
The Stuff trailer
Wonder Boys trailer
Blood and Roses-the whole movie!
The Future trailer
"The Word 'Rape' VS Comedy" by Ian Douglas Terry(OK Party Comedy)
Chapters from Ian's scifi novel, Tales of Mazar
Brody Stevens on Conan
Nudity (bandcamp)
Veloura Caywood, "I'm the Wolfman"
Burger Records
A compilation video of Morrissey fan hugs!
Feminist Frequency
The Roaring 20's Game
Victorian game
Wild Reeds trailer
Blood and Donuts trailer
Strange Days trailer
Innocent Blood trailer
Near Dark trailer

Fucking Books:
The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas-full text
Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon
The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith
Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Susanne Collins
We've linked the Twilight Saga here more than I'm comfortable with
Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld
Zombies VS Unicorns by Holly Black