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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode One: Women in Danger

Balaban: 1

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It's finally here! Rhea and Destiny introduce the "conversation-cast," get all talky about John Waters, feminism, horror film, and America's favorite character actor, Bob Balaban. Number of “fucks” in this episode: 15.

Spoiler alert for the following films:
Prom Night
But not Terror Train, because Rhea got it confused with Night Train to Terror

Corrections: The Jake Gyllenhaal/Jared Leto homoerotica fest is called Highway, not Freeway. JoBeth Williams was the actress who played the homicidal girlfriend in Switch (Destiny couldn't remember her name). Terror Train and Night Train to Terror are two different movies, so sorry, Siskel and Ebert. The upcoming Elizabeth Olsen movie Destiny brings up is called Silent House. Watch the trailer because it's flipping sweet.

Relevant Links:
Siskel and Ebert's "Women in Danger" episode of Sneak Previews:
Part 1 and Part 3. Part 2 is unavailable because Youtube hates freedom.
The AV Club: When Entertainment Trumps Morality and Sean O'Neal's badass interview with Teri Garr.
Matt's awesome movie blog: The No Name Movie Blog
Sarah at Cartoon Heart made our logo. We think you'll love her stuff as much as we do.
Ellen Barkin's Twitter. It has a higher fuck count than this episode.

Fucking books:
Shock Value by Jason Zinoman
Back to Our Futures by David Sirota

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