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Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 18: Egg on My Hot Dog Face

This week, Rhea and Destiny speak with actress/artist/podcaster/badass Tracie Mauk about performing, comic books, Tumblr, and which summer movies we're looking forward to! There's also a little more Whedon talk, and a feminist take down of Chopping Mall!

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Corrections: The Wonder Woman makeup line was done by M.A.C. Cosmetics, not Sephora. (Who cares, I buy all my makeup from Walgreens.--R) The movie that Tracie mentioned where Bill Murray and Olivia Williams are reunited is called Hyde Park on Hudson.

Spoiler alerts for the following:
The Avengers
Chopping Mall
The Hills Have Eyes (remake)
Chernobyl Diaries

Relevant Links:
Tracie on Twitter and Tumblr
Comic Book Crossfire
Tracie as Bella
IFC's Comedy Bang Bang
Magic Mike trailer
Bower Birds, "Walk the Furrows"
Father John Misty, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"
MC Chris, "Han Solo" and "Twin Peaks"
Feminist Disney
Sesame Street, Twin Beaks
Shoot Your Mouth Off
Skull Prov
Backline Improv
Joss Whedon's Batman movie pitch
AV Club. "22 Characters Casually Dismissed in Sequels"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Episode 17: Clubbing with my Coven

This week, the Badland Girls sit down with Matthew Marko of No Name Movie blog to talk about his rampant cinephilia, old cartoons, and James Bond. Thanks to BG superfan, @TC_Hillbop for the sweet cover of our theme song! This week's fuck count: 4 (WHAAAAT.)

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Spoiler alerts for the following:
Cabin in the Woods
Drag Me to Hell
Hostel 2

Corrections: Cronenberg's The Fly came out in 1986, so Rhea was actually two instead of three years old when her Dad took her to see that movie in theaters. The 3-D Nightmare on Elm Street is called Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. The actress that is in Trouble in Mind and Footloose is Lori Singer. Kris Kristofferson is the star of Trouble in Mind, not Tom Skerritt.

Relevant Links
Matt on Twitter
The No Name Movie Blog
Why I Love Tyler Perry and You Should Too by Sam Strange
Drag Me to Hell is Really About A Girl with an Eating Disorder
Cabin in the Woods review (spoiler alert!
Clark, "Outside Plume"
Sweet Jesus, "Phonefreak Honey"
Best Coast, "The Only Place"
Destiny's favorite Brenda Dickson parody by Deven Green
Hitchcock's 1928 film The Farmer's Wife (in 11 parts on Youtube)
Lucky McKee's The Woman trailer
Trouble in Mind trailer
City Hunter trailer

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Episode 16: Chris Evans's Ass, You Guys

This week, the ladies talk about Joss Whedon and how much they love him. We also talk Robert Downey Jr., our issues with the Buffy and Angel comics, and answer the most important question: Who's the cutest Avenger? This week's fuck count: 30

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Spoiler alerts for the following:
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Corrections:The actress who played Sierra on Dollhouse is named Dichen Lachman. The director of Amelie is Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Relevant Links:
Get Bent
Stagefright/Aquarius trailer
Hunx, "Private Room"
Beach House, "Lazuli"
King Tuff, "Bad Thing"
Joss Whedon sings "Broken (Heart)" from the Dr. Horrible musical commentary on a This American Life live show.
Stuffed into the Fridge (TV Tropes)
Waif Fu (TV Tropes again)
Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"
That "Joss Whedon is a rapist" rant from LJ.
Nathan Fillion on the Nerdist podcast
Waitress trailer

Fucking Books:
Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon
Joss and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Episode 15: Plug to Hell

This week, we invade the home of special guest Zach Peterson (OK Party Comedy/MidBest Podcast), who joins us to talk about one of the greatest shows ever: LOST! We also talk about Zach's love of vigilante protagonists, Cloverfield, and Tim and Eric. No fuck count this week. That is the price we pay for unedited purity. Enjoy!

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Spoiler alerts for the following:
Lost (duh)
Super 8
Downton Abbey
No Country for Old Men

Corrections: Destiny knows Lost was on 6 seasons and not 5. Zach accidentally says Walt when he means Vincent at one point. If you hear any other huge errors, do email us at badlandgirls at gmail dot com!

Relevant Links:
Destiny and Rhea on the Midbest Podcast
Tim and Eric's college film about lobsters and video
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Order of the Good Death and Ask a Mortician
"How British am I" bit from the Superego Podcast
The Iron Sheik's Twitter account
Wavves (featuring Beast Coast) "Nodding Off"
Xiu Xiu, "The Only Girl" cover
Aesop Rock, "Fast Cars" 
John Dies at the End trailer
God Bless America trailer
Hell Comes to Frogtown trailer
OK Party Comedy

A Fucking Book: 

John Dies at the End by David Wong 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Badland Bites: Episode 3: Sing Sing

Hello all, and welcome to another episode of Badland Bites, the pizza roll sized podcast. This week, Destiny and Rhea tell you about what they've been into...THROUGH SONG.

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Relevant Links
Chopping Mall trailer
Pink Raygun

Also, Badland Girls were interviewed on the Mid-Best Podcast! You can listen to that episode here: Mid-Best Podcast: Episode 13: Badland Girls

Lyrics for this episode:

School Blues
School’s been really hard
I’ve been really busy
That Linguistics transcription?
That almost killed me!
I’m behind on Game of Thrones
And I missed Drag Race
I just wanna stay home
Cause I got the school blues
Two finals baby
And a ten page paper—help me!
But I’m almost done
I can see the light
But before I get there
Gotta cram all night
I’m behind on Game of Thrones
And I missed Drag Race
I just wanna stay home
Cause I got the school blues
Two finals baby
And a ten page paper—help me!
Yeah, two finals baby
And a ten page paper—someone help me!

Ode to a Chopping Mall
Our story starts at a mall in the 1980s
These guys working there want to stay after hours and drink beer and fuck the girls they are dating
But there’s this nerdy girl and there’s this nerdy guy
And they don’t want to go to the party but they have to because their friends set them up tonight
And when they meet fireworks go off
Angels sing
And other mushy stuff
But there’s a problem
There always is in movies like this
Because these teens are in a chopping, chopping mall
No shopping at all, killer robots in control
See the robots were there for the mall’s protection
But then a lightning storm fucked up their systems
And now they are out for blood
Killing people and stuff
They electrocuted a janitor
And crushed a dude’s windpipe
They set a girl on fire
But the best kill of the night
Was this girl who went looking for her boyfriend but when she found him he was dead
And then a killer robot popped out of this door and she was filled with dread
And it chased her down this hallway shooting laser beams from its eyes
And she was screaming for help as she got shot in the ass and thighs
But by the time her friends heard her she was totally fucked
And she screamed one last time before that robot blew her head up
Yes, that robot blew her head up
And her brains exploded across the floor
And blood dripped down the windows and she was no more
You see, these teens were in a chopping, chopping mall
No shopping at all, killer robots in control
In control

Pink Raygun Song
If you like TV and movie reviews
And if you like a feminist point of view
If you want to know what zombies think
And if you like the color pink
Then Pink Raygun is the site for you!
Then Pink Raygun is the site for you!
It's a lot of fun!
So, go on
Cause Pink Raygun is the site for you
Yes you