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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode 27: Tech Famous

This week, Rhea and Destiny meet up at Blue Line Coffee to talk to Des Moines comic Dan Umthun (and silent "corporate sponsor" Martin) about cool things going on in the Iowa comedy scene and comic books! We recorded the first part of the episode in a parking lot downtown, where we battle the vicious streets to ramble about Arrested Development's influence on current sitcoms, the beauty of breaking the fourth wall, and get a bit real.

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*We apologize for the smooth jazz, squeaky chairs, and overlapping conversations during our interview.

Spoiler Alerts for the following:
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Earth 2 Green Lantern

Corrections: Lecy Goranson left Roseanne at the start of season 5. We cannot remember the name of the rad queer lady rappers we blanked out over early in the episode. For some reason Destiny keeps saying "yellow ribbons" when she means pink. The man who wrote The Celluloid Closet was named Vito Russo. Ian's response to the Sexy Pizza tweet was: "Nope, just bomb ass 'za."

Relevant Links:
Dan's Twitter
Des Moines Underground site
Shop Assistants, "All Day Long" and "I Don't Wanna Be Friends with You"(both live)
My Little Underground 80's UK indie mix (via Suicidewatch on Tumblr)
Iggy Azealea, "Pu$$y"
Comic Book Crossfire letter on breaking Up With Comics
Identical Beckys gag from Roseanne
Greg Rucka
Kreayshawn: Another Case of Appropriating Black Culture (via Clutch)
Review of Tig Notaro's Largo show from earlier this week (via flamelikeme on Tumblr)
Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer
Tolstoi Made Shoes podcast
Stand Up Des Moines
Iowa Comedy Festival
The Celluloid Closet trailer
Sharon Needles doing a scene from Silence of the Lambs (NSFW)
Olde Main Brewing Co. (We love you, Martin!)
Sexy Pizza of Denver
Laugh Track Comedy Fest (Congrats to Zach Peterson and Ian Douglas Terry)
How to Support Breast Cancer Research W/out Supporting Komen (Jezebel)

Fucking Comic Books:
Fear Agent
Black Heart Billy
Swamp Thing
Fantastic Four (Johnathan Hickman)
Nightly News
Pax Romana
Earth 2


  1. Great show (as usual), even if I was pegged as cynical and I don't think I'm cynical AT ALLLLLLLLL. The interview was fun, which is good considering we're headed into interview month!

    Also, I love this people noise Badland Girls: On the Streetz vibe. Don't be afraid of a little sonic clutter. It comes across as real and immediate, like you're all underground guerrilla podcasters. Down with the man!

  2. Thanks, Matt! We were pleased with how the sound came out, too! WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAAAAAAAY!