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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episode 40: He's My Daemon Familiar

There's no theme this week, as Rhea is hard at work co-writing and starring in a Christmas musical! She and Destiny spend some time chatting about the junk they've been absorbing lately, such as Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell, heavy metal sexism, and the cinematic "genius" of Neil Breen. There's also audio viewer mail and teen movie talk! Look out for the cold hand of Kurt Cobain's ghost in this one, kids!

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following: As far as we remember, nothing was spoiled to ruin this week! Is that a first?

Corrections: The name of the Neil Breen film that was probably screened at the Butt-Numb-a-Thon was Fateful Findings (see video above). Cilla Black did sing a cover of "Love of the Loved." The song they danced to in She's All That was called "Rockafeller Skank." John Woo's first American film was Hard Target. Proof we've never seen Mondo Cane: We can't pronounce it.

Relevant Links:
A Skull Sketch Carol
Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell trailer
Youtube Playlist featuring a majority of the trailers from Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell
Moon Duo, "Sleepwalker"
Cilla Black, "Anyone Who Had a Heart"
I Am Here Now trailer
Dance sequence from She's All That (USHER, Y'ALL)
Young Adult trailer
Suburbia (1983) trailer
The End
Papa's Hot Doggeria
Ozzy Osbourne scene from The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years
Ozzy Osbourne, "Miracle Man"
Lita Ford, "Kiss Me Deadly"
Broken Arrow
Mondo Cane
Super Solider #1 cover:

Fucking Books
Destroy All Movies by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly
Shock Value by Jason Zinoman(FYI, Rhea hates this book and Destiny's never read it.)

1 comment:

  1. If we're being completely honest, Badland Girls Dot Com, I was probably Bill Haverchuck in High School and maybe Nick Andopolis now?

    Or, I dunno... Shia LaBeouf's mascot character? :P

    I love Millie, though. I mean... everybody loves Millie, right?

    Also, can I just say that Matt delivered an exceptionally eloquent, impassioned voicemail(?) which I completely disagree with but respect the opinions of.

    I am 100% on board with the opinions of The Badland Girls in regards to "NuTrek". And, frankly, any complaints to be had over J.J. Abrams' vision can pretty much be thrown out with the words "time travel" and "alternate reality."

    I will add, though, that in reading many an interview with J.J. throughout the course of Star Trek's production, a large part of what attracted him to the project/universe was the inherent optimism that Star Trek represents and, particularly at the time, we were coming off a lot of "grim and gritty" sci-fi/action movies and remakes and things and I felt like he captured that wide-eyed optimism very much in the film. He wasn't afraid to have fun and let them be funny.

    It may not have been the utopian Roddenberry ideal of encouraging everyone to sit down and discuss things scientifically and diplomatically but from the get-go, the story is set on such a fast-paced journey that there's really no room for that in this film and this story. Perhaps in the sequel we'll get a better look at how the Federation works in this new Trek universe but I never felt like Abrams rewrote any of it, necessarily. Nero is specifically made out to be part of a rogue faction and not representative of Romulus as a whole. In fact, they go into it in a lot more detail in the prelude comic Star Trek Countdown, which was overseen by J.J. and the screenwriters. (the comic also features fun cameos by Next Gen crewmembers)

    I guess the point of this rambling nerdery was just to say that I don't think Abrams disrespects or throws away any aspect of Roddenberry's Star Trek, we just only have time for little glimpses of it.