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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Episode 49: Everyone is Jonah Ray

This week, the Badland ladies discuss personal style! We look back on favorite outfits and accessories, our fashion role models, and get angry about plus sized sections and how they suck. Rhea talks about the Evil Dead musical, Destiny falls in love with Shotgun Seamstress, and we read a couple of emails.

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Kinda-sorta but not really Doctor Who

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  1. I was literally about to type in a song request until I heard "EXCEPT FOR YOU, TRACIE."

    It... it's like you KNEW... o_O;

    Thanks for drawing any sort of inspiration from my 15+ year old ratty Sailor Moon t-shirts.

    Also, I probably owe it to Martha Jones to revisit her tenure on Who. I remember liking her introduction and her departure and of course "Blink" is one of the all-time greats, as did I love that amnesiac Doctor episode... I always love the episodes, there was just a long period where Martha really grated on me in her incessant fauning over The Doctor and not picking up on the "He's just not that into you" vibe.

    She was the only companion that got off easy, though. :/

  2. Just wanna say I love your podcast. Someone recommended it recently and I'm hooked.

    1. i know this is really late, but thank you for this sweet comment!