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Friday, November 29, 2013

Episode 70: Tofurkey Rolls

This week, Rhea and Destiny talk about video game consoles and the new Hunger Games movie (spoiler-free, obviously). We also respond to a couple of fan tweets and read some Netflix-themed erotica. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Spoiler Alert for the Following:
Donnie Darko
Captain America: The First Avenger

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Rhea was on Comic Book Crossfire!
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Atlus game announcements
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Charisma.com, "Hate"
Charisma.com: This Japanese Electro-rap Duo Will Make Your Life Better
Twelve Years a Slave
"Everyone Likes a Fire...And It's Christmas!"

Monday, November 18, 2013

Episode 69: Who's Cute?

This week, Rhea and Destiny talk about cut bods and favorite things to do with pizzas...sexually. We also talk about Lily Allen, celebrity crushes, and how life is just one big pile of stuff we'll never get through without the help of sassy rappers. Somehow, a conversation about objectification ends with us objectifying a whole mess o' folks. It's a good time.

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Spoiler Alert for the following:
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

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Strange Train promo

Lily Allen, "Hard Out Here"
Lily Allen, "The Fear"
Kanye West, "Monster"
Sky Ferreira, "Everything is Embarrassing"
 Sugar Coated: A Short Documentary About Lolita Fashion
The Shivah
Star Struck 
Julie Klausner on a Citi Bike
Idle Thumbs
Final Girl

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Episode 68: Neverending Tangent

This week, we Badland Girls just want to catch up. We talk about some games, books, and songs we've been enjoying, what kind of deodorant you should buy, happy gay books, and other wonderful/ridiculous things. There's also an amazing song about us written by one of our good friends, Eric! You should listen!

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Maurice by EM Forster, and the film version, for that matter
The City and the Pillar by Gore Vidal

Correction: The Beatles video clip that Destiny talks about is referring to a painting called Sprout of a New Generation. The Gore Vidal book with the sad ending is The City and the Pillar, and it came out in 1946.

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Pool Party Radio Episode 133: Are You Afraid of the Dark part 2
Pool Party Radio: Podcat Bros
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Rachel Lichtman on The Fogelnest Files
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Stanley Parable
Best Coast, "Fear of My Identity"
Consentual Torture Simulator
Colleen Green, "Darkest Eyes"
The Danger of a Single Story TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Mako Mori test
Conspirators of Pleasure (full movie)

Fucking Books:
The entire reading list from the MIT Comedy lit course Rhea mentioned
Rise of the Videogame Zinesters by Anna Anthropy
Emma by Kaoru Mori
Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga
Maurice by EM Forster
The City and the Pillar by Gore Vidal
Fun Home by Allison Bechdel
Kitchen Princess by Natsumi Ando

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Episode 67: Spoiler Alert Michael Caine

Many weeks ago, Destiny and Rhea got together and talked about anime. They also talked about Nightmare on Elm Street, vaginal nicknames, and possibly clowns? We'll try not to wait so long in between episodes, folks!

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Children of Men
Freddy's Dead

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Crunchy Roll
Paracinema Magazine
Rose of Versailles opening
Ranma 1/2
Uraboku (Betrayal Knows My Name) opening
Arcade Fire, "Here Comes the Night Time"