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Monday, February 17, 2014

Episode 76: Weird Teen Gandhi

This week, the Badland Girls get lovey dovey for Valentine's Day by talking about some of their favorite romantic movies and shows. We also talk about homophobia in Kansas, The Lego Movie, and Marc Maron's love life.

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Relevant Links:
Slate article about Kansas gay segregation bill

Badland Girls fanmix by Alex: This is Yr Party
Lizzo featuring Sophia Eris, "Batches and Cookies"
Kristin Chenowith and audience member Sarah Horn perform "For Good"
Against Me!, "True Trans Soul Rebel"
Twee-Q (Look up the percentage of men vs women that you tweet)
How Do You Do It game

Fucking Books:
My Witch Ancestors Died for My Right to Fuck Satan by Porpentine

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