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Monday, December 1, 2014

Episode 101: Amphibian Flesh

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This week, Rhea and Destiny go back to Twin Peaks, where there's always music in the air. We also talk about the TV landscape in general, feels about year-end lists, and tapeworms in your brain. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Spoiler Alert for the Following: All Twin Peaks/Fire Walk With Me spoilers are after the musical interlude. You'll know when you hear it and have been warned.

Correction: The Thick of It is a TV show. The next Trashpect Ratio film is In The Loop (2009).

Relevant Links:
Tapeworm story 
Melon buns
The Guest trailer
Stop Podcasting Yourself
Julia Holter, "Horns Surrounding Me" 
Survive, "Omniverse" 
Bunnies from Inland Empire
Roxy Music, "2HB"
Episode 1 of On the Air (David Lynch's other TV show) 
Chrysta Bell, "This Train" 
Julee Cruise, "Falling"
Julee Cruise, "Mysteries of Love" 
Angelo Badalamenti, "Laura's Theme" 
He talks about composing it here

Fucking Books:
Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
Kokoro Connect by Anda Sadanatsu and CuteG
Mushroom Pup by Kimama Aoboshi
Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch