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Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 111: Ultimate Casual Game

This week, Rhea and Destiny talk about their summer goals. They also talk about serial killer art, Star Wars, Miss Piggy, and why it's so important to have a fun summer even if you don't get a summer vacation! Summer. Summer summer. Summer. Sum. Mer.

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Relevant Links
Lim Kim, "Awoo"
Awkwafina, "My Vadge"
How Hip-Hop Can Teach You to Code by Shareef Jackson
Dreams Cannot Be Shared: Super Mario Bros. 2 and Living Memory by Matthew Marko
Cinnamoroll gets bullied :(
You Must Remember This podcast
The Dana Gould Hour Podcast
Dana Gould interviews Malia Nurmi aka Vampira
Mickey Avalon, "My Dick"
Ex Machina trailer
Neko Atsume (Android and iOS)
Serial Killer Culture trailer

Fucking Books:
Mona by Leigh Alexander
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Destiny got her name wrong on the 'cast. Also, this is a PDF file of the whole story.)
The Wicked & The Divine by Kieron Gillen
Role Models by John Waters
Princess Leia comic by Mark Waid

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