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Monday, January 30, 2012

That jelly cost FIFTY-NINE cents!

Hey listeners! Rhea here.  Anyway, I did a little digging and found some nice companion photos to go with our most recent episode, the interview with my Dad. Take a look!

Here's the UP (that's Union Pacific) magazine photo of the Alabama Boogie Band.  My Dad's on the far right.

And here's a close up of the painting of poor Randy done by my Dad's friend Jim.

Ad for the Hubris Tech performance.

Dear Andy.

That's all for now, folks!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 4: The Mike Perry Episode Starring Kelly Dowhower

This week, Rhea and Destiny interview an original weirdo: Kelly Dowhower! He's a musician, former performance artist, and Rhea's dad! Find out how many of his ex-bandmates from North Platte are dead now! We also build a shrine to Mike Perry (@ILikeMikePerry) of OK Party Comedy. Other topics of conversation include Downton Abbey, YA literature, and whether Bob Balaban is a better director than David Lynch. Number of "fucks" this episode: 10 (we fell behind). Also, special thanks to Rhea's dad for writing the scary music box theme (which you can hear at the beginning and end of the episode)!

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Corrections: The duck on Tiny Toon Adventures is named Plucky Duck. Bruce Greenwood is the actor Rhea couldn't think of when she was talking about that new show, The River on ABC. Also, Kelly's friend was Steve Sinner, not Steve Main. (BG would like to acknowledge how fitting Steve's last name is to his personality.)

Relevant Links:

The offensive tweet from the Omaha World Herald about women and football
Information about the Alex book awards
The Parade's End Read-Along
TV Trope's article about Tiny Toon Adventures slipping risque material past censors
The scary fucking diner scene from Mulholland Drive
The trailer for Parents, directed by Bob Balaban
It's the Egg Man!
The Omahype podcast round up (Thanks, Jim!)
Kelly Dowhower's music for sale! (And even more!) 
Nebraska Feminist Network
OK Party at Camp Omaha: Feb. 4th

Monday, January 23, 2012

Episode 3: Pizza Cutter Murders

This week, Destiny and Rhea talk about what influences their humor and why. They also bring up a handful of topics that are sure to inspire nerd-rage between even the closest of friends. Topics include the following and more: Is Torchwood better than Doctor Who? Which Simpsons season was the last good one? Do horror movies need to be funny? Give it a listen, clip your toenails, and tell us how you feel! We also want to know what you think about comedy and where your humor comes from: Badlandgirls at gmail dot com. Number of "fucks" this episode: 22  

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Spoiler Alert for the Following Film:

Pink Flamingos

Corrections: The kooky old movie Rhea refers to was called At the Earth's Core (1976). We forgot that Divine's son who kills Cookie in Pink Flamingos is named Crackers. Pee Wee's Playhouse was not canceled because of Paul Reuben's 1991 arrest, but the reruns definitely were. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut came out in 1999 and Destiny was in the 8th grade. Ned and Stacey was a Fox show, not NBC. The proper lyric to the Zorak song is "I'm gonna kick your ass until your head falls off." Dennis Miller has 4 books of his rants and is still giving them.

Relevant Links:

Alexandra's blog

Alexandra's read-a-long project for Parade's End

The Film League

Ian Douglas Terry's Tumblr

Backline Improv 

ABBA, "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)"

Black Flag, "Gimme Gimme Gimme"

Emo Phillips' wonderful joke dissecting religion.

The Sinatra Group from Saturday Night Live

George Carlin's You are All Diseased special The whole thing!

The Kids in the Hall, I Speak No English sketch and Arms in a Vat of Dead Fish

 Old news story where John Barrowman discusses his Will and Grace experience.

Gavin Crawford told jokes in lipstick.

Maria Bamford does what she does best.

David Cross, Goodpussy 

Demetri Martin, Personal Information Waltz

Fucking Books: 

 Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford

The Monster at the End of this Book

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Episode 2: Atheist To-Do List

The Badland ladies survived the death curse of Friday the 13th and are back with their strong feelings about the best and worst movies they watched last year. If this leaves you with strong feelings, send us a letter: badlandgirls at gmail dot com. Or, you can leave a comment here or on iTunes. Number of "fucks" in this episode: 26.

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Spoiler alert for the following films:
Myth of the American Sleepover
The Adjustment Bureau

Corrections:  Rhea is not too fat for TV; she's just too good for that shit. She also loves to eat and gives no fucks to society’s weight standards for women (DONUTS FOREVER!). The Nikki Blonsky Lifetime movie is called Queen-Sized. The Downton Abbey tweet that Destiny failed to quote properly (and incorrectly connect to the magic that is The Wire) was from the very hilarious comic/tv writer Morgan Murphy and read, "Downton Abbey makes white nerds tweet like Kanye." Everyone should follow her. The writer/director/co-star of Bellflower is named Evan Glodell. This dude's name is seriously Channing Tatum. The "Mary Moon" song Destiny mentioned from the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack is actually called "New Age Girl" and is by the band Deadeye Dick. She is shocked she still remembers most of the lyrics. John Hawkes played the cult leader in Martha Marcy May Marlene and was also in Winter's Bone.

Relevant Links:

Madness, "One Step Beyond" video 
One Step Beyond (tv show)  theme
LaTour, "People are Still Having Sex" video
Dundee Theater, Omaha
Junqueland "monster porn" comics
The Comedy Bang Bang episode featuring Attack the Block director Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright, also featuring improv genius/UCB co-founder Matt Besser.
The Apple Sisters podcast. (We are huge Earwolf fans, obviously.)
Fun-a-day  at Artclash
The fabulous Agent Lover's blog
The Pod F. Tompkast
I Love Bad Movies zine
Junk Food Dinner podcast
Mahalia Jackson scene from the 1959 version of Imitation of Life (Spoiler/tearjerk alert)
OK Party Comedy
Pink Raygun 
Old news story that explains why Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo to play The Hulk.
Prometheus trailer
Innkeepers trailer
If you are in Omaha next weekend, you should come see Destiny in this show on Saturday, Jan. 21st: OK Party and Friends at the Studio Gallery.

A Fucking Book:
Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Episode One: Women in Danger

Balaban: 1

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It's finally here! Rhea and Destiny introduce the "conversation-cast," get all talky about John Waters, feminism, horror film, and America's favorite character actor, Bob Balaban. Number of “fucks” in this episode: 15.

Spoiler alert for the following films:
Prom Night
But not Terror Train, because Rhea got it confused with Night Train to Terror

Corrections: The Jake Gyllenhaal/Jared Leto homoerotica fest is called Highway, not Freeway. JoBeth Williams was the actress who played the homicidal girlfriend in Switch (Destiny couldn't remember her name). Terror Train and Night Train to Terror are two different movies, so sorry, Siskel and Ebert. The upcoming Elizabeth Olsen movie Destiny brings up is called Silent House. Watch the trailer because it's flipping sweet.

Relevant Links:
Siskel and Ebert's "Women in Danger" episode of Sneak Previews:
Part 1 and Part 3. Part 2 is unavailable because Youtube hates freedom.
The AV Club: When Entertainment Trumps Morality and Sean O'Neal's badass interview with Teri Garr.
Matt's awesome movie blog: The No Name Movie Blog
Sarah at Cartoon Heart made our logo. We think you'll love her stuff as much as we do.
Ellen Barkin's Twitter. It has a higher fuck count than this episode.

Fucking books:
Shock Value by Jason Zinoman
Back to Our Futures by David Sirota

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Badland Girls Promo 2

Badland Girls Promo by rheadee

Have you ever heard?
About the Badland Girls?
They're new on the scene
They're both peachy keen
So tune in next Sunday if you wanna know more
About the Badland Girls
About the Badland Girls
Tune in next Sunday if you wanna know more
About the Badland Girls

Badland Girls Promo 1

Badland Girls promo from Rhea Dee on Vimeo.