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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 4: The Mike Perry Episode Starring Kelly Dowhower

This week, Rhea and Destiny interview an original weirdo: Kelly Dowhower! He's a musician, former performance artist, and Rhea's dad! Find out how many of his ex-bandmates from North Platte are dead now! We also build a shrine to Mike Perry (@ILikeMikePerry) of OK Party Comedy. Other topics of conversation include Downton Abbey, YA literature, and whether Bob Balaban is a better director than David Lynch. Number of "fucks" this episode: 10 (we fell behind). Also, special thanks to Rhea's dad for writing the scary music box theme (which you can hear at the beginning and end of the episode)!

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Corrections: The duck on Tiny Toon Adventures is named Plucky Duck. Bruce Greenwood is the actor Rhea couldn't think of when she was talking about that new show, The River on ABC. Also, Kelly's friend was Steve Sinner, not Steve Main. (BG would like to acknowledge how fitting Steve's last name is to his personality.)

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