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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Episode 7: Friends of the Dead

This week, the Badland Girls talk (and sing) about all things music! In addition to keeping up the not-so-long tradition of sparking unresolved nerd fights and giggling, they also get goofy over their favorite film/TV scores and nerd out on garage rock and yeye. Number of "fucks" in this episode: 22.

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Corrections: Destiny was wrong about the Olsen Twins. They are 5 months younger than she is. She was also wrong about the name of Mariska Veres' band. They were called Shocking Blue, not Deep Blue. I know you're upset, so here is their version of "Love Buzz." We're also sorry that Rhea accidentally calls David Carradine by the wrong first name. We blame Quentin Tarantino.

Relevant Links:
Grimes, "Vanessa"
Destiny's ever-growing 80's playlist (Spotify link, apologies to non-Spotify users!)
Teen Witch Magazine
Information on Alexandra Kingsley's Parade's End read-a-long
Pink Raygun
Olsen Twins' "I Am the Cute One"
Lulu's "I'll Come Running Over"
The AV Club: Great Songs, Terrible Bands
Kristin Chenoweth, "Hello" cover from Pushing Daisies
Shocking Blue, Venus and Mariska Veres' version of "Is It True?" (entitled "Is Het Waar?" in Dutch)
White (Power) Ranger theme
Jem, "Glitter and Gold"
Roy Orbison, "In Dreams"
Vashti Bunyan, "Timothy Grub"
Information on the Nuggets garage rock compilation

A Fucking Book:

Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford

Here's a photo of I AM MYSTERY GIRL in action:

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