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Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 38: Cry More Paul

After such a long hiatus, the internet herself begs the Badland Ladies to come back! They discuss all the movies watched while away, including Skyfall, Harold and Maude, and Lincoln. Rhea and Destiny also come to blows (almost) over Beyond the Black Rainbow and Black Sabbath (the Mario Bava movie, not the band!) After catching up,it's time to go through every single movie directed by JOHN CARPENTER and give an opinion or two. Tell us how much you missed us: badlandgirls at gmail dot com!

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Spoiler alerts for the following:
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Harold and Maude
Cloud Atlas
Dark Star
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Black Sabbath (1963)
All the Daniel Craig Bond movies
Every movie directed by John Carpenter, especially Dark Star

Corrections: Britt Ekland was the Bond girl in Man with the Golden Gun. She is not a ye-ye girl but Rhea swears she did some French pop song (she is probably wrong). The awesome song on Let It Be Naked was called "Don't Let Me Down". When talking about bug sex and Green Porno, Destiny said the title of the movie Microcosmos wrong. Also, Debra Hill and John Carpenter may not have been married. The internet is back and forth of this, but we at least know they dated in the '70s. Night of the Demons came out in 1988.

Relevant Links:
Friend Rhea on Pottermore: WitchNettle20489
Iggy Azalea, "My World"
Suburban Lawns, "Janitor"
Holy Motors trailer
Night of the Demons
Prince of Darkness dream transmission
Hollywood Nailz
Mean Jeans, "Life On Mars"
Key and Peele's inner city wizard school sketch
Green Porno with Isabella Rossellini
Black Sabbath trailer
The Avengers in Hogwarts (And another Tony and Steve focused one

A Fucking Book:
Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs


  1. So, Tracie, having found out that your podcast is one of the few things I can actually access on this outdated PC at [REDACTED] without it collapsing in on itself, is very likely to start providing you with PODCAST COMMENTS on your BLOG much like THIS VERY COMMENT RIGHT HERE. So... look forward to that...?

    LOOK HERE AND NOW, IS WHERE: You may or may not know that I do not consider myself much of a "horror person." I suffer from an OVERACTIVE IMAGINATION so putting fuel into the nightmare fire is generally something I like to avoid, though I will make exceptions for persons and concepts. That said, I think the only Carpenter film I have ever seen is Christene and that was out of some weird father/daughter bonding thing we would frequently have over movies, growing up, where I was the one person in the family who would get excited over the weird, nerdy stuff he was into. It was sort of a bridge between us kids, where my brother could connect with the Car Guy half of Dad and I could connect with the Geeky half of Dad and I guess Christine fell in the middle of that venn diagram that was/is my father.

    HOWEVER, you have convinced me to give Starman a try. My buddy Sean (formerly of Capes Comic Book Lounge) has always spoken highly of it, but it was your description in the show which makes it seem like a Carpenter film I could get into as a sci-fi loving, sentimental ninny.

    If it's still on Watch Instant, I'll have to put that at the top of my list when I'm in the mood to have feelings. THANKS!

    P.S. Steve Rogers is a total Hufflepuff.