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Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 45: Hug a Powerpuff Girl

This week, Rhea and Destiny explore sadness including the saddest movies, the saddest songs, the saddest games, and the saddest fictional character deaths.  We also talk about V/H/S, rap music, and Chris Evans (again)!

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Spoiler Alerts for the Following:
Battlestar Galactica
Bright Star
Silent Hill (games)
Wrath of Khan
Return of the Jedi
Les Miserables
Shaun of the Dead
Mad Men

Corrections: MF Doom and King Geedorah are the same guy. The latter is a side project. The "Laugh Clown Laugh song is called "Vesti la giubba (Put on the Costume)" from the opera Pagliacci. Escape From Tomorrow was filmed at Disney World, not Disneyland. Madeleine Flores' comic is called Help Us Great Warrior. Destiny said "Time Passage" when she meant just "Passage."

Relevant Links: 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Doug Loves Movies podcast episode w/ Chris Evans
V/H/S trailer
Look Around You rap
Hip Hop's Queer Pioneers (Details)
Le1f, "Wut" 
The Growlers, "Graveyard's Full"
MF Doom "I Hear Voices (pt. 1)"
Sedlec Ossuary
Wallander (Swedish version trailer)
Wallander (British version trailer)
Hotline Miami
Monster Detective 
The Fogelnest Files
Help Us Great Warrior! by Madeleine Flores
Boldly Gone by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle
Is It Time?
Passage download
Bright Star trailer
Radiohead, "How to Disappear Completely" 
Bobbie Gentry, "Ode to Billie Joe"
Les Miserables, "I Dreamed a Dream" (Ruthie Henshall)
Les Miserables, "A Little Fall of Rain" (Lea Solonga &n Michael Ball)
Enrico Caruso performing "Vesti la giubba" in 1907
Escape From Tomorrow article

Fucking Books: 
Mend My Dress Collected Zines by Neely Bat Chestnut
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
The Thief of Always by Clive Barker
Going Bovine by Libba Bray
The Body Artist by Don DeLilo


  1. I RAMBLED TOO MUCH so I have to break this up into two comments...

    Tracie knows that the posts she "likes" show up on her Facebook feed. It's the best, laziest way to promote her friends' webcomics. Kevin Church, Ming Doyle, and Bruce McCorkindale are all very good friends of mine and I'm very excited that Bruce will be taking over drawing 'Boldly Gone' with Kevin. PARTICULARLY since I will unofficially be IN the comic since I was over at his place the other day and he had his girlfriend and I pose for reference photos. (no nudes)

    (you probably won't know it, though, because we were posing for dude characters but you might see a medical officer resembling my dumb face)

    I'm fairly certain they did address the "why isn't Buffy a cop?" thing somewhat during the show. The "What's My Line" two-parter involved a career day thing where she's kind of discouraged to find that she fits the profile of a police officer and that kind of sets home the depressing realization that being a slayer is her life and it's already decided for her. (but then Kendra comes in and she sees that short ray of hope of a different life)

    I don't know why it wasn't really brought back up after she accepted this fate but I think it was largely that she wanted more out of her life than just that of the Slayer. While, logically, it makes all the sense in the world to use her physical abilities as a cop or guard of some sort but I think it meant more to her to be able to do something outside of that and being a guidance counselor meant she could help people in an emotionally supportive way that in no way required her fists.

  2. PART TWO:

    Y'all are the sweetest, bestest people and thank you for dedicating this episode to me. I was genuinely very excited about the subject of this episode because I'm a big fan of sadness in a weird way. I consider myself an optimist and a romantic but as such I have developed an appreciation for the let downs that come hand in hand with being those things. There's a poeticism that I appreciate. I dunno. But usually if I hear that a movie or book or game is sad, then I am immediately interested in it. So you've both given me a lot of things to seek out and explore at some point.

    I struggle with depression a bit and have probably longer than I realize or comprehend. Apparently it runs in the family, though nobody was really willing to talk about it until later years. I've never taken medication or psychiatric help (despite my mother's past wishes) but I think I use the exploration of sadness in art as my self-therapy. OR I am just giving myself more problems. WHO KNOWS. But I think I am a largely functioning and pleasant human being so it can't all be too bad.

    I gotta say, I was a little disappointed that no sad comics were mentioned. ;) Though, as avid a comic reader as I am, it is rare that I've been brought to tears over one, though it's happened and it's remarkable when it does. Particularly when my reading habits are pretty secured in the superhero realm and while they're chock full of drama, it's not often that they take many huge emotional risks. I think we've talked about it once on Comicbook Crossfire (I'll see if I can find where/when) but there are definite comics in my life that have driven me to tears. (TWO INCLUDE JUBILEE)

    For being such a self-proclaimed connoisseur of sadness, though, the hardest I've ever cried in the theater was during Serenity. (go fig) That was a cry that lasted from "a leaf on the wind" all the way through the credits and on into my friends and I just sitting stunned in the theater before going to the bookstore to walk it off. And then, I think, back at my house. Just devastating for me.

    Certainly not the first nor last time Joss had made me cry but definitely the most embarassing cry he has elicited. Like a BABY, I cried.

    I feel like I could just talk about favorite sad things forever--SO I WON'T--but thank you for this episode and your darling dedication. It was particularly well timed because when I had expressed my "excitement" for this episode on Monday or Tuesday, it was as my family and I were trying to prepare ourselves for the impending passing of my grandfather, which eventually occured Wednesday morning. So sadness was definitely a thing that was on my mind, though I tried to distract myself from the reality I was being faced with as much as I could, I knew eventually I would have to face it and let these feelings come forth.

    Thank goodness there is a podcast daring enough to discuss such things while keeping it nerdy.

  3. Rhea, want to know what my all-time favorite episode of Doug Loves Movies? (pause) Annie Hardy's episode from Season 1. I like her attitude. You can download it for .99 at Doug Loves Movies Dot Com