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Monday, July 1, 2013

Episode 55 BONUS!: The Kyle Turner Experience

Hello everyone and welcome to a BONUS ROUND episode of Badland Girls! Rhea cut this out of the Parker B and Frisbaby episode because she didn't want to take away from their glory, but she decided to post it today so that you can get a double dose of BLG! DOUBLE DRAGON! That's--that's how that game worked, right?
Anyway, Destiny and Rhea share their feels about the Saw films and torture porn, friend of the show Kyle shares his views on Henry Cavill, and Rhea manages to worship to the altar of Chris Evans. Again. Flufflo is also worshiped. We need shrines of these people.

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Correction: That Elisha Cuthbert movie with the gross marketing was called Captivity.

Spoiler Alert for the Following:
Dawn of the Dead (remake)

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